Why Stress? Maximize Your Tax Benefits

Getting your Business accounting in order should reduce stress not make your life more complicated. Our accounting and bookkeeping services will be tailored to meet your Business needs no matter the type of business. Don't worry about audits or unclaimed tax deductions. Our accounting professionals will ensure your books are in order come tax year end and advise you about tax rules and regulations so your business isn't subjected to unnecessary audits or fines.


And we will do what what we do best. Has a previous bookkeeper done a bad job and left your books a mess? We can clean them up. Are you a new business wondering how to set up your books? We can create your accounting file and everything you need to track profitability, bill customers, track business expenses, and much more. Starting a new corporation and need help getting it started? We can help with that too! Contact Genesis Accounting Solutions and we can help with all your incorporation needs.


For over 13 years our accounting professionals have worked with Small Business owners from a variety of fields including; law, solar, etc. We offer a trustworthy and simple solution for your accounting needs with a wide range of services.


Clients are our family and our family keeps growing. Currently it spans across sales, law offices, and construction to clothing, manufacturing, and solar. Family means that we take a personal interest in what it takes to make sure your finances are stable so your business can grow. We understand that business and personal work better together in harmony. Genesis Accounting Solutions can work with you to create a solid foundation for both.

Recently our family has expanded to include Tax Solutions Group, a premier Accounting firm in Orange County that specializes in taxes and taxation issues. Partnering with Tax Solutions Group means that we can offer our clients more accounting solutions than ever including help with audits, annual tax filings, tax debt negotiation and much, much more.


Having a tailored accounting solution for your Business doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. We offer competitive rates. Depending on what your business needs, our hourly rates start at $25 per hour for data automation and range depending on what accounting services your business needs or we can work with you to establish a weekly fee.


Genesis Accounting Solutions

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